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Are You Frustrated with Your Dry and Brittle Hair and Not Seeing Any Results?

If you are struggling to go natural and are just not seeing the results you want with your hair, you are not alone! After I decided to go natural with my hair I was struggling for years with dry and brittle hair. I tried literally any product for natural hair I could buy that claimed to give me strength and moisture. I would spend hours each week trying to improve my hair care regimen.

Not only was this experience disappointing it was also very expensive!

After years of trying I finally found a solution that works and it wasn't something I could just buy in the store. Through my hair journey I discovered the shocking secret that most natural hair companies don't want you to know: Most products hurt your hair more than they help - Even if they claim to be all natural!

The truth is that there are hidden harmful ingredients in pretty much all major natural hair products currently available. These help to make these products cheaper for the manufacturer, but cause problems for your hair.

Their goal is not to heal your hair, but to make you feel you need more of their product to have healthy hair. These companies make you addicted to spending more and more money each and every month on ineffective products by using their sleek marketing to deceive you, and we all know what the term product junkie means.

Here are the top 5 harmful ingredients

that are silently added to most hair care products

including ones marketed as natural:

  • Silicones - (Cyclomethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Trimethylsilylamodimethicone, Amodimethicone) - provides great slip to a natural’s hair and is water soluble but, it creates a lot of buildup on the hair and prevents oils and creams to penetrate the hair shaft.
  • Phthalates - This gelling agent is most commonly found in shampoos and conditioners, it helps to lubricate and soften the substances it comes in contact with. This is used widely in hair care products in America however, in Europe and Canada there are strict regulations on the use of this ingredient since it’s been linked to disrupting hormones.
  • Parabens - Are used to basically prevent bacteria and mold from growing within the product. However, this ingredient puts you at risk for cancer. So it’s best to stay away from it to be on the safe side.
  • DEA - This ingredient is used as a thickening agent to form a creamy consistency. It is has been linked to bladder, stomach, and intestinal cancers.
  • Artificial Dyes - These are dyes that change the color of products however, they are made up of many different chemicals, so it may be hard to pin point what your exactly being exposed to at a given time. Since this is placed on your hair and scalp your body can easily absorb these dyes causing you to have blocked pores, and skin irritations. Certain dyes have been linked to kidney tumors, and thyroid tumors.

“Most naturals are not aware that harmful ingredients are silently added to most hair care products, including ones marketed as natural!”

Here is Why Naturals Everywhere 

Love Butta Butta Cream:

​100% Natural

All ingredients come directly from nature. No chemicals and no hidden additives. Only natural ingredients for natural hair!


​Grows Your Hair

Butta Butta Cream moisturizes the hair, prevents breakage and helps you to grow stronger thicker hair!


Butta Butta Cream helps to keep the moisture in your hair for a longer period of time, so you won’t have to moisturize every day.

Real Ingredients - No Chemicals!

5 Powerful Hand-Selected Ingredients - Nothing Else!

African Unrefined Shea Butter

Rich in vitamin E & A that repairs the hair follicles, promotes growth, moisturizes hair, and comes directly from Ghana. This high quality raw, fair trade and un-bleached shea butter coats each strand to provide a protective barrier.

Coconut Oil

Contains Vitamin A, E, K, D which stimulate hair growth, repair damaged hair, and strengthen your hair.

Avocado Oil

Rich in vitamin E, A , and D. Repairs damaged hair, penetrates the hair shaft and stimulates hair growth.

Castor Oil

Rich in omega 6 essential fatty acids and vitamin E. Both help to stimulate hair growth and stop breakage.

Jojoba Oil

Rich in vitamin E, B, Iodine, and zinc, which all moisturize the hair, aid in sebum production, promote hair growth, and nourish your hair.

"This cream is completely AMAZING!"

"This cream is completely AMAZING! Nothing alone has ever made my hair this soft and detangled! And it does stop breakage! Wow, I’m totally speechless. My hair has suffered quite a bit of damage from hormonal imbalance and years of relaxing and texturizing. Now that my hair is on the mend and the damaged ends nearly cut off, it is finally beginning to grow. The Butta Butta Cream is exactly the missing ingredient to complete my regimen and have lasting moisture and softness. I really love this product! My scalp has been itching and I decided to apply it and it immediately soothed my scalp! My goodness I’m ordering a few more jars and giving them as gifts to my family. This product is wonderful!"

- Megan

Why the L.O.C method is so important and

how to maximize its benefit with Butta Butta Cream!

Using the L.O.C Method is important if you want to lock in moisture and not have dry brittle hair. The L.O.C method consists of three products: liquid, an oil of your choosing, and cream that works together to ensure that your hair is moisturized and stays moisturized until your next wash day.

The liquid opens up the hair cuticles to allow the moisture to enter your hair strands. Once your cuticles are open, the oil is able to penetrate your hair shafts. This enables your hair to become softer and shiner while aiding in moisture retention.

Lastly, the cream adds another layer to the hair that keeps the moisture in for a longer period of time, so you won’t have to moisturize your hair every day.

This is where your Butta Butta Cream comes into play. Within the L.O.C method you will use your Butta Butta Cream as your oil in this step. You can use Butta Butta Cream by its self but you will not get the full moisture benefit unless you layer a cream over it, and that’s when you will have moisturized hair that can last up to 5 days!

The proof is in the Butta Butta Cream - just read the reviews of how moisturized everyone’s hair has become since using my homemade product.

Get Your Jar Today - Your Hair Will Thank You!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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"OMG my hair loves it..."

"Third day using it and omg my hair loves it. My curls were so dry and frizzy before with undefined curls...well let me tell you my hair has been revived. I have no more dry frizzy unmanageable hair now my curls are moist not dry or frizzy and even softer defined curls. People keep asking where I went to do my curls and are surprised when I tell them I did with the new natural cream I ordered."


Butta Butta Cream is Home-Made with Love!

"Every jar is hand-made in my kitchen for you -

just like I have been making it for myself for years."

I'm making Butta Butta Cream in my own kitchen with my own hands. All ingredients have been carefully researched and selected for optimal effectiveness. I only use what has shown to work for my hair.

All the raw ingredients are mixed in perfect amounts, and slowly heated up in a warm water bath, to protect all the nutrients from heat damage. Once melted and mixed together I instantly fill them into jars and give them a nice cool down session in the fridge overnight.

My process is intentionally slow and meticulous to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness for your hair.

Who is the creator of Butta Butta Cream?

"Just a hint: It's not one of those big corporations who have secretly 
been taking over the natural hair product market."

Patrina - Natural Hair Queen

Hey Queens, I’m sure you may be wondering who I am - so let me tell you. If you haven’t already figured it out my name is Patrina and I’m a natural Queen like yourself.

I have been natural for 11 years now. I started with my hair with earlobe length hair, and now my hair is waist length. My journey didn’t start out in the natural hair world, I’m actually a classically trained Public Health researcher. With my time in my profession, I worked with top Universities and government officials and decided to turn a new page in my book called life after the last administration ended. 

11 years ago, I was fed up with my brittle and dry hair so I began to explore how to take care of my hair better. I was tired of wearing weaves and hair pieces. While on my quest to healthier hair, I came across a whole community of naturals who had long healthy hair. As I studied their healthy hair practices, and the products they were using I started to notice my hair was finally growing and thriving like never before. 

Fast forward to present day, once I started to read and research more on the ingredients companies use in their hair care products that are geared towards African American women and children I was appalled at what I found. So I started to make my own hair care products. The first product was whipped shea butter now called Butta Butta Cream. I knew I needed to find all-natural pure ingredients. Once I found the right mixture of ingredients my hair became moisturized, fuller, and longer than I ever thought it could. So I know for a fact it’s due to switching out store brought products for my own.

I am a person who finds great comfort in serving others who are in need whether it be within the academic world or within my own community. Since starting Natural Hair Queen I have read and listened to so many of my readers who struggle with dry, brittle, and short hair.

There are many different reasons as to why the knowledge is not there, but many times, it’s because they were never taught the proper way to care for their hair as this is my main reason too. It is my hope that my website and products start to help and inform women of their own hair.

"I’m loving Butta Butta! Thank you!

"I started using Butta Butta Cream a few days ago and love the creamy consistency. It feels light and absorbs so easily on my 4C hair and my skin. I’m wearing wash n goes and I pair it with CurlMix flaxseed gel. The best thing about Butta Butta is that it’s all natural and I love the ingredients."

- Alecia

"I love this cream."

"Works excellent for total Body, from the top of my head too the bottom of my feet. The cream warms to your natural body temperature and you skin absorbs it beautifully. No more dry, itchy, crack skin!!"


"Love love this product..."

"Love love this product. Took my dry frizzy curls to soft shiny curls after one use.  I would definitely recommend for others to try."


Get Your Jar Today - Your Hair Will Thank You!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't love what Butta Butta Cream does for your hair over the next 30 days, just let me know and I'll send you a full refund.

"I personally guarantee that you will love Butta Butta Cream just as much as I do."


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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